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Hi! Thanks for visiting my website!

My name is Andre Collin, I'm a Web Consultant, Designer and Builder in Toronto, Canada, devoted to all your online needs. I have 13 years of experience helping companies straighten their online presence.

I can help you make your website more user-friendly, make it easier to navigate and make your customers find what they are looking for, or create an engaging website that will attract potential customers to your products and services.

Over the years, I've seen the Web grow and evolve considerably and stayed ahead by pioneering new web building techniques. I recognize how overwhelming this constantly-changing environment can be, so let me take that burden off your shoulders.

I’ve worked with some well-established companies, such as

  • Phoenix Geophysics, Canadian's best geophysical equipment manufacturer
  • TFO Groupe Média, The French Educational TV channel
  • Barbeque Pro, a growing local barbeque cleaning company
  • Brook Restoration, one of the best buildings restoration company
  • The City of Toronto, 4th largest city in North America

...and many more !

I’ve already played an important role in these companies' evolution, so why can't I help yours?
In an hour or two with me, we can plan the future of your product, think through key design problems, or simply solve a difficult problem, or anything else within that scope.

I enjoy helping companies and individuals think about their product or business in a new light. Don't wait! Book me for a first consultation, we will make a quick review of where you're at, and start together to plan a more web friendly future for your company.


My Portfolio

I've been working to plan new product approaches to maximize value, architecting, designing, and building user interfaces for a variety of clients such as Phoenix Geophysics LTD, TFO Groupe Média, Barbeque Pro, Access Canada Equipment Corp, Brook Restoration, QuickPlay Media and the City of Toronto.

Selected Sample


The best websites aren’t brochures. Our sites are like your salespeople: dedicated, multi-tasking, and always laser-focused on your bottom line.

Strong Design

Strong design is the core of a strong product. It defines the user experience, the interface and much more. I work to better understand your customers, and design with them always in mind using my breadth of expertise.

Good development

Good development is the key to reduce your customer’s frustration by providing a solid and trustable interface. I use the best tools and practices available for any product to produce nothing less than the highest quality results.


There is no set process I use for every client. Every client is different and deserves a specific process tailored to their needs.
That said, I do have a few overarching ideas that I believe in.

  1. Design is about the user and the content. My clients are important, but their customers even more so they are the ones that will ultimately be interacting with what I produce. I work to understand the interaction between user and content. Great design is at the intersection of both.
  2. I like to work on complete products; it’s difficult to design or develop around just one small part of a larger product unless I understand the big picture. A strong user experience is defined with a holistic understanding of the product.
  3. Plan, Craft, Iterate. After the user, product, and content research that amassed knowledge is applied to my final work. We’ll work together to craft an excellent user experience and then iterate until its just right.

I'm always looking to work with awesome companies, agencies, and investors. If you have a project in mind, let’s talk! I'd love to be partners on your next endeavor.
Book me for a first consultation and let's start together to plan a more web friendly future for your company.


Get in touch

Don't hesitate to write me an email or give me a call if you want to hire me or talk about your projects.


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{ Ultimate Camping }

{ Ultimate Camping } is an online magazine I created about camping, paddling, hinking, biking and other outdoor fun.

The website is made with Wordpress with a custom theme and is adapted to small and larger screens.

Our Facebook community is a real success, as we are today more than 10,000 passionate exchanging about our love of enjoying Nature.

Visit the website

Visit the Facebook page

Ultimate Camping website screenshot

Brook Restoration

Brook Restoration specializes in all types of restoration projects including commercial, institutional and residential/condominium.

In partnership with Mike Sheenan, a great designer from Toronto, I was involved in the development of this website.

Visit the website

Brook Restoration website screenshot

Barbeque Pro

Barbeque Pro Inc is a Toronto-based company specializing in cleaning and repairing barbeques.

I was involved in every step of the creation of this website : from User Interface design to graphic design, development and of course release on the network.

My main challenge was to create a website that adapts to every screen: from a small sized phone screen to a larger TV screen.

Visit the website

Barbeque Pro website screenshot


TFO is a French Educational TV channel where I have worked from 2008 to 2013 as Lead Web Designer.

With a team of 10+ developers, I completely rebuilt this corporate website in about 4 months. I led the web designers team, defining standards used for the front-end part, coding and controling the work of the web designers.

TFO corporate website screenshot


Sane2 is a famous graffiti artist from Normandy, France. I met him 10 years ago when I was involved in Aero graffiti artist community, and we became close friends sharing the same view about street art and lifestyle.

After the release of Aero.fr, he challenged me to revamp his website : he needed a more easy-to-update website, with the possibility of expansion.

The challenge was to develop a responsive website, adapted to any screens from desktop to mobile browsers.

Visit the website

Sane 2 website screenshot

Phoenix Geophysics LTD

Phoenix Geophysics Ltd is the world leader electro-magnetic equipment manufacturer and exploration surveys. The challenge was to modernize their 5 year-old website with relevant content. I was the sole designer and developer.

Just visit this website and ask yourself this question : has this website REALLY been designed in 2006 ?

Visit the website

Phoneix Geophysics website screenshot